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Quick and Easy Registration


Basic All-Inclusive Pricing:

  • 10 teams or less - $375.00 for 1 year
  • 11 - 50 teams - $475.00 for 1 year
  • More than 50 teams, please call us for special pricing 866-651-4414 ext. 309

If you plan on hosting more than 50 teams or greater than 1,000 members, call 866-651-4414 ext. 309 for pricing. In addition, there is also an initial, $200.00 one-time setup fee for both plans. This fee entitles you to personal help getting your site off the ground including advice and assistance with colors, graphics, data organization, basic administration training and rollout. If you choose to use our online registration system and wish to optionally have registrants pay by credit card, you can set up or use an existing AuthorizeNet compatible Merchant Account or an Ebay/PayPal Business account to work with our system. The latter charges 2.9% per transaction plus $0.30. Merchant accounts generally have lower fees. There are no other fees associated with registration processing on our end.

Optional Charges: The above prices include all the features listed above. The only optional, extra charge services we currently offer are for domain registration ($150 for 5 years) and a private email server for your domain ($60 / year). If you register or transfer your own domain, there is no extra charge. Our partner, League Athletics, will even guide you through the process. An email server is not required. It's only for organizations that wish to set up email lists or manage multiple vanity email accounts to go with their domain. An email server is not required to use your site's broadcast email services. That's it! There are no hidden charges.

Special Savings through AmericanTowns SPORTS: Some teams, to keep their costs down for their members or to raise money for team jerseys, trophies etc, use paid advertising arranged through AmericanTowns. Specifically, AmericanTowns will arrange family-friendly advertising on your site, often promotions to save your members money; because we make money from the advertising, we can share this benefit with you, either as a revenue share (generally over 50%) or as a fixed reduction inby cutting your annual fee in half. For more information, contact 866-651-4414 ext. 309.

Free Trial: You can set up a web site for free and evaluate it for 30 days. If you decide you like the site, just pay the yearly hosting and setup fees. If not, do nothing and the site will simply expire. There's no obligation whatsoever. (You can also implement an advertising relationship at any time.)


Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your account, you must email us your request at billing@AmericanTowns.com, or you may cancel via telephone at 203-256-3390, with confirmation by registered mail at 43 Ruane Street, Fairfield, CT.

Only the domain name owner or billing contact/credit card holder may cancel an account. Cancellations are effective upon the date specified by the authorized contact.

League accounts are not eligible for a refund of setup fees and must provide 30 day advance notice for cancellations.

The amount of any refund will be calculated by deducting from the annual hosting fee, the prorated amount of time already used during the current billing cycle.

It is your responsibility to ensure that we have received your request for cancellation. Claims of cancellation requests having been sent but not received by our system will not be honored. To ensure cancellation dates we recommend calling us to ensure we have received your cancellation request.

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